Many players may not feel so familiar with the idea of ​​playing in online casinos, although the trend adds more users every day around the world. For issues of attachment to conventional gambling halls, it is and will be common to see overcrowded land casinos.

However, this does not mean that web platforms – more specifically, gaming sites – are not measuring up in terms of the requirements of their users. On the contrary, for the people who decided to give this new way of playing the casino a chance, the days when they had to wait for their turn and play have ended.

At the poker tables, blackjack and dice, perhaps the presence of the public, the excitement and anxiety of the rest of the players are missed, but when it comes to slots, many users agree that the adrenaline of these machines when you play online, do not tithe a little.

Maybe it’s because it’s a game of chance alone, or maybe because even in conventional casinos the slots are already quite computerized and, by the way, with more progress than some mobile casino applications. Whatever the reason, there are undeniable benefits of online machines.

A question of variety

If a conventional casino is already crowded with slot machines of different denominations, themes, lights and colors, online sites almost double the number of options for users. This is a compelling reason to prefer them, but it also results in something positive for punters.

First of all, the game time is unlimited. In land casinos, some gamblers are discouraged when they see that there is still a long time to play. In addition, the advantage for the house is too high for your liking. On websites, the percentage for casinos is still present, but the availability of the machine is twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Available on all devices

When technology allowed casinos to move their most famous games to web platforms, there was no way to stop the phenomenon; and this brought many advantages for both, casinos and customers. The most remarkable, of course, was and remains the availability.

In the beginning, online slots allowed generations of gamers who did not have a nearby game room, open an account, deposit some credit and join the fun from their computers. Now, this expanded proportionately, and access to a slot machine is available from any smart device with an Internet connection. Fast and immediate, just like today’s society likes.

Percentages of return to the player

As in any game of chance, the odds of winning weigh heavily on the decisions made by the players. For that reason, in the slot machines of live casinos, they are inclined to insert their coins in those that are called “loose”.

This increases the number of payments they receive, but they are usually small amounts, and the machines are usually crowded. In online casinos, with its vast number of options, the percentage of return to play is also more than acceptable.

While the slot machines of conventional gambling halls have a profit rate between seventy and ninety percent, on websites it rises to 95%. In a nutshell, it’s safe money for punters.


Continuing with the economy feature, it is worth mentioning the popular bonus rounds. They abound in online casinos and even and range from small rewards for loyalty to the website and the game to consecutive rounds of spins, which can result in huge profits.

The best bonuses offered by online casinos are linked to the deposit made by the players. However, the welcome or “sticky bonuses” are also a benefit that novices cannot miss. Of course, before accepting any contribution, it is recommended to read the Terms and Conditions that accompany it.

Ways to play

In a game room, to access the slots it is mandatory to have some money on top and if they are machines whose pay tables include millionaire prizes, a few cents are not enough.

Players who know this dynamic have no problem going to the casino and throwing away their money – literally – but in online casinos, as well as there are options to play with real money, there are also plenty of slots “in test mode”. There is no gain when playing with this modality, but no doubt the players have fun in quantity from the comfort of their homes.