The One Armed BanditJust as the name to this particular machine suggests this is a machine that may be able to make one go from having a lot in terms of possession to broke in a really short time. The machine is able to accept only you coins and the more you play the more you will either win or lose. Generally the said machine is what is known to many as a slot machine in the casino set up. The said slot machine will make the user to yearn to continue playing whether you are winning or losing. This is because if you are winning you will always want more and if you are on a losing streak you will want to recover your losses.

Generally the one armed bandit works on the principle of pulling a lever to try and match three images on the screen. First of all you have to input a coin to the machine. The One Armed BanditThis is the first action that will make the machine accept to work. After you have to pull a lever that in most cases is on the side of the machine. In most scenarios it will always rotate internally and all that you will be able to sees are images going round. After a short while three images will be stagnant on the screen. Your winning will be calculated by whether the three images are similar. If all the images are all alike, you are a winner. If not you will be able to retry your luck

Going to the deeper working principle, the slot machine generally uses the principle of gears. Once you pull the lever that is on the side body of the machine, the internal gears will all begin to rotate. As the period increases, the momentum that the gears were rotating at reduces making them be stand still. The gears all have different speeds hence resulting to them stopping in different images.

From time in memorial the slot machines have been made. They appear in different sizes with the major ones being big. Though there are some custom makes that are smaller in size. You will be able to buy them mostly in the site that is known as Ebay.

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